Welcome to remote controlled (RC) Gliders site. I started flying gliders in the spring of 1996, and quickly became hooked. I enjoy making planes probably more than I do flying them, so I have a few planes built that I have never been flown.

To the left is an index for my site. Here is a short summary of what you find by following the links:

Welcome   is this page.
What's New lists changes to this site.
2m Sailplanes features some of my two meter sailplanes.
HLGs featuers some of my hand launch gliders.
Slope Soarers features some of my slope soaring planes.
Aerial Photos has some aerial photos I took with my gliders.
Links is a collection of RC related links.
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Site last updated: 06/26/2002

Note: To get the proper effect of this web site, I would recommend using a browser that supports tables. If your browser does not support tables some of these pages may appear slightly "whacked!" Send me email if you have problems with my site, gliders@litke.info. Free browsers are available from Mozilla, Netscape and microsoft. I personally recommend Mozilla, since it is the most open standards compliant, and what could be cooler than a dinosaur mascot?
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