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K&A Dago Red

I have made a few slope soarers, but have yet to go to the slopes and try any of them out. The first sloper that I built was K&A's Dago Red (blue in my case).

K&A's Dago Red.


Another sloper I have completed is the Toucan. This plane scratch built from plans. The plans were originally avialable from Model Airplane News, I am not sure if you can still get them. The plans were for making it a fiberglass plane, but I modified them and made it out of balsa and ply. Below are a couple of pictures of my Toucan.

The Toucan.

Self Designed Delta Wing

Here as another model I designed. It is a delta wing sloper. It is a two channel plane that requires mixing. It has a modified RG15 airfoil. Here is a segmented PDF file of the plans for the delta wing (which can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, download Adobe Acrobat Reader). These are not very detailed, and were mainly put together to get an estimate of the wood needed to make the plane.

Delta wing glider.

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